Magic Inter-dental Brush
Magic Inter-dental Brush
Magic Inter-dental Brush
Magic Inter-dental Brush

Magic Inter-dental Brush

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NEW Dental Brush Invention - BETTER than Floss, Traditional Inter-dental  Brush, Toothpicks, and Oral Irrigators!! 😳😱😱

Ultimate Prevention for Tooth Decay / Loss and diseases such as periodontitis, diabetes and more

Why YOU need this:
✅Optimal Cleaning Power
✅Easy Handling
✅Fast Cleaning Process


  • Large Contact Surface: Removes more plaque than floss or tooth sticks
  • Doesn’t hurt your gums like regular floss when you pull too deep
  • Exchangeable brush heads in 3 different sizes: Fits all sizes of interdental spaces
  • Massages and Strengthens Gums
  • Perfect for Everyone: Suitable for crowns, bridges, implants, braces, and retainers. Easy and fast to use with an easy push.


  1. The feeler easily docks on your interdental space
  2. Press the brush and you are done.


Comes with 3 replaceable brush sizes

  • ISO 0 (small): Fits in every gap, especially for small interdental spaces, patients with brackets or retainers.
  • ISO 2 (medium): For wider gaps or teeth with crowns, bridges or implants.
  • ISO 3 (large): Conically shaped bristles, serves a wide range with a small wire. Perfect size for patients with periodontitis or wide gaps. 


    • 1set x Inter-dental Cleaning Brushes